N-Boost system Field days

Zagri Dairies Field Day

LEARN HOW USING THE N-BOOST SYSTEM has worked for both the Hindrup and Giles dairy farms.
  • Advisors from the AgriBusiness Group will cover the performance of the N-Boost system over the past season on this local farm, and others across the country.
  • Learn how you could apply the system to meet or exceed your obligations under Essential Freshwater Policy and maintain profitability in your farm business.

“The aim is to demonstrate how N-Boost is working, it’s impact on farm financials, as well as understand practical tips from farmers so other dairy farmers can seriously consider this as an option when putting together next season’s fertiliser plan”

Tim O’Sullivan Donaghys GM Crop Protection and Export

  • This field day is part of a project monitoring the impacts of using N Boost as a possible solution to maintain profitability while reducing your N inputs.


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Giles Farm Field Day