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Application & Mixing Stations

application of N-Boost®

To apply the N-Boost® System onto pasture, 40kg/ha of urea is dissolved in water with 3L/ha of N-Boost® and typically sprayed at a total spray mix volume of 200L/ha.


Urea is easily dissolved in water in an N-Boost® Mixing Station (which can be supplied by
Donaghys) or by agitating in a spray tank.


The N-Boost® and dissolved urea solution is then foliar sprayed onto pasture with a conventional
boom sprayer or by boom jet. This can be self applied or using a contractor. Refer to label for usage instructions.

5,000, 15,000 & 25,000 Litre mixing stations available
(tanks, pipes, pumps and fittings). 

For details and conditions please contact Donaghys

The N-Boost® System can be incorporated with existing spray applications allowing the farmer to apply multiple products at once, saving time and money. 

broadleaf pasture herbicides

N-Boost® has also been tank mixed and found to be compatible with commonly used broadleaf pasture (phenoxy) herbicides e.g. Donaghys 2-4D Ester, Donaghys 2-4D Amine and Donaghys Flumetsulam.

gibberellic acid

Donaghys GibbSTART MAX can be mixed with N-Boost® and applied strategically during shoulder periods to stimulate extra pasture production.

facial eczema and rust control

Donaghys Liquid Mycotak can be added to the spray mix to provide control of the causal organism of facial eczema.

Liquid Mycotak offers up to six weeks protection against facial eczema.

Donaghys Myco-RF can be used with the N Boost® System for the control of Rust and Fusarium in pasture resulting in cleaner, healthier and more palatable pasture.